24 de febrero de 2013
Why Jennifer Riggins should go back home
The other day I read an article about why the spanish aren't entrepreneurs. It was written by Jennifer Riggins, an expert in "community organizing, non-profit fundraising, and teaching English as a foreign language". She basically has been several years in Madrid taking snacks, drinking red wine and having fun with everyone. She also writes articles about young entrepreneurs, start-ups, PHP innovators and the usual gibberish.

But now she comes up with the solution to the spanish crisis: it all started with Lázaro de Tormes. It's not about a credit and housing bubble, it's not about 40% of GDP based in building appartments. It's not about George Bush and Paul Krugman exporting to Spain their suicidal economic model. It's all about the blind man who was getting two grapes at a time.

Now imagine a country where people never gets more than one grape at a time. A country where everyone is such a good worker and as well nobody tries to cheat. Let's say Japan:

What happened here? Some guys were lending more money than they should, and the bank regulators didn't stop the process.

To come now, when the party is over, blaming the people and not the bankers and the corrupt politicians is plain petty and disgraceful. In my opinion it's time for Jennifer Riggins to go back home and enjoy more in her entrepreneurial country. Then, when Obama is gone and you sink in hyperinflation, I will say it is because of Calamity Jane, who was greedy and unfriendly.

Last saturday I was riding my bycicle (and american GT) uphill and some blond guys came down. They looked at me and one said something in an strange european language. The others laughed like drunk vikings.

They laugh of us. They come here, drink the wine, eat the food, enjoy the sun, ride the bycicle and they even dare to treat us as losers. This kind of critizism is not faithful and spanish should not go along with that. We need to ask this people what is so funny and if they would not be better in their countries.

And about Jennifer, she is the kind of american idiot who has not any historical or economical background. It's funny to compare her opinion with Stefanie Muller's, what a difference between german and american educational systems. I really expected very harsh things in this crisis, as I was warning since 2003, but american girls insulting us in Madrid is too much for me. The next will be a Bronx rapper telling us how to do drive our lifes. Take care of your fiscal cliffs and if you are not in the mood to respect us, please just don't come.

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© A. Noguera

"Mirar el río hecho de tiempo y agua
y recordar que el tiempo es otro río,
saber que nos perdemos como el río
y que los rostros pasan como el agua".
Jorge Luis Borges

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